Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery

but today is a gift; that's why it's called the present

Friends Only

Comment to be added! (Comments are screened). I won't add anyone unless they commented here first (unless I met you through a friending meme, then please friend away <3)

Also there are lots of people that I friended because I find their journal posts interesting/educational, and I don't expect to be friended back at all because I know that some journals are FO for a reason - I just like to read those public posts, that's all!

And if anyone wants it - my tumblr is here, and most of my posting happens over there anyway!

12/25 - I just did a huge friends' cut and removed a lot of people since I spend most of my time on tumblr anyway, I figure it would be good to keep this to people I actually talk to and communities! 

nothing to see here~
Don't mind this entry, it's for a couple of friends who missed a lot of stuff on The Avengers presstour :D

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